First roll of film!

Last night, procrastinating from packing, I went to get my very first roll of film developed. Yes, that’s how much of a youngin’ I am. In May 2012, I purchased my very first film camera and last night I stood in line at Walgreens beyond excited to see my pictures. I was standing behind an older gentleman who just couldn’t get over how expensive developing film has gotten and wanted to know, step by step, how transition into the digital age. My reaction to the experience could not have been more opposite. I was pleasantly surprised by how convenient and affordable getting my film processed was, despite everyone’s warnings, and I’m so eager to take on this art. Mind you, I’ve never done anything artistic and I completely lack imagination. In that sense, photography might be good for me. Creative writing, painting, and musical composition sure are not. So here we go. I will warn you, they aren’t very interesting, but let me reiterate that this is my very first roll of film ever.

A few of the adorable chickens that I had the pleasure of tending to a couple of months at Wat Pah Indiana. I think it’s clear from their swagger the level of attitude that they had towards me.

William R. Adams Zooarchaeology Lab, I will always love you. I learned an enormous amount here, participated in the foulest of experiments in the name of archaeology, and can confidently say that it is the strangest place where I’ve pulled an all-nighter thus far.

Wat Pah Indiana’s Buddha Meditation Room… I wasn’t kidding when I said that I lived in a Buddhist temple

Happy Birthday to Me! Mom made chocolate cream pie, one of my very favorite things, from scratch to welcome me back to Lake Erie and celebrate my birthday!

One of my favorite lakeside past times is watching a storm roll. This was a good one.

Gettin’ good and dark. The speck on the horizon is the Toledo Harbor Light. I love a good thunderstorm and lightning show. On the 4th of July when it was starting to lightning out, there was a weird debate about whether or not it was safe to be in the water during a storm. The people on the side of “it’s an irrational fear” (NOT the side I was on) lost, but not as soon as one would have expected.

Let me introduce you to The Mesteller Family Elephant Ear Plant! We seriously love this thing.

The Toledo Museum of Art, mentioned in my post about how much I love Toledo, Ohio

A perfect day to do some serious sitting out at the tiki bar, or be sailing I guess.

Sunsets are always best right after a quick storm.

Well, I guess it’s back to packing! I was so afraid to use up this roll of film that it took me close to a month and half to snap 24 shots, so I guess stay tuned. Sometime, I will post more and they will hopefully improve.