Monty’s Expatriation, Ep. 3: Hand over money and take a deep breath

As a bule (foreigner) the only thing that I can be absolutely sure of is that I’m not getting all the information that I need. And so here we are with Monty’s expatriation.

I have been sent here and there and been told this and that, and we’re at the point where I hand over some money, take a deep breath, and hope for the best.

The guy dealing with all this nonsense claims that he has to go to Jakarta in order to process the final paper work. Some say that this isn’t true, but I’m not in a position to argue, and no one is really, because this is Indonesia. In Indonesia, whether a trip to Jakarta is part of the protocol or not, if the guy you need on your side wants to go to Jakarta for whatever reason, you send him, or else you will see the roadblocks arise, because HE (personally) is the one who is really deciding what has to happen, and he’s making these decisions on the spot.

If all goes well, then, in the next week or so, Monty will be approved to exit Indonesia. That being said, no matter what papers are signed and how many rupiah have been passed around, it’s not over until we get on the plane.

As if knowing that he's the world's luckiest former street cat, he's cranked up the cuteness level

As if knowing that he’s the world’s luckiest former street cat, he’s cranked up the cuteness level