How to Relax in Bandar Lampung in Five Simple Steps

As work, traffic, power outages, and the umpteen steps and forms required to do anything in Indonesia continue to inconvenience me, I have a top-notch escape. I’m not going to give up the name of my go-to hide away, and in all honesty, I surprise myself every time I am able to find it again. There are many naysayers who like to say that the beaches in Bandar Lampung are dirty and crowded, but I am here to tell you that that paradise isn’t as far away from the traffic in Tanjung Karang as you think it is. I keep going back here because I know it’s a sure thing, but I’m sure that in doing some exploring, there are places just as good.

So here is how to truly relax in Bandar Lampung in five simple steps:

1. Fill a cooler with beer, water, and sandwiches. The Indomarets in town are more likely to have cold beer than the ones just outside of town, so keep that in mind.

2. Hire a boat

3. Go some where that looks like this


4. Snorkel, sun bathe, and swim (in any order)




5. Repeat as necessary


Surfing: I need more practice.

Last weekend, the bule crew (minus Leigh) took a trip to Krui. We were off to a shakey start as we had planned to leave Lampung at 4am Saturday morning to arrive in Krui at 9:am… Amy got up, but the rest of us were dead to the world until 6:45am. Red wine is to blame for my oversleeping, but I can’t speak for Yen and Laurent as to how they didn’t their   3am alarm. Anyway, we made it into Krui at 1pm ready for the beach!


What a slice of paradise we found! The beach was pristine, the waves were fun, the few other tourists we met were awesome, and the fish was oh so fresh!


So onto surfing. The waves are the main attraction to Krui and at Mandiri Beach, where we were staying, the waves were rough and the current was strong, but the sand was so soft and we could not argue with the convenience of walking out of our cabin and onto the beach, so while the learning conditions were subideal, this was our chosen beach for surfing.

I have always fantasized about being a surfer, and Amy said that when we first met, my hair was so blonde and I was so tan that she was convinced that I was a surfer… so I got the right look, which is step one.

We met some very cool Americans over a few beers at a surf camp and one of them accepted the challenge of teaching me how to surf. This was not my first lesson, but one lesson every three years since I was 18 hasn’t exactly made me a pro. Amy stayed on the beach taking pictures for a bit, and these are what she shot…

Dave in the background biting his finger nails while the ocean is treating me like clothes in the washing machine.

Dave in the background biting his finger nails while the ocean is treating me like clothes in the washing machine.

Those are my legs poking out the wave.

Those are my legs poking out the wave.

I stood up and rode in enough times to declare it a successful day surfing, but I don’t have any pictures to prove it. Plans to return to Krui are already in the works, which means that 2013 will be the year I break my pattern of standing on a surf board only once every three years. That also means that 2013 will probably the year that I realize my potential as a surfer and go pro.

I think I have my work cut out for me.

I definitely have my work cut out for me.